The Century Mountain Project  - The Chinese poet and calligrapher Huang Xiang and American artist William Rock create  a "visual dialogue across humanity."

The Century Mountain Project is an East / West collaboration of art between the Chinese poet Huang Xiang and American artist William Rock.
Their collaborative art honors the greatness in us as human beings that has made itself evident throughout the centuries in the form of outstanding creators, thinkers, discoverers, leaders  -- essentially people who stood out like mountains throughout the centuries.

The ongoing collaborative artwork between Huang Xiang and William Rock  is a celebration of the vast potential in each one of us.  It has no cultural, gender or race distinctions.
After a subject is discussed and selected, William Rock will paint it and Huang Xiang will add his poetry and calligraphy.  They share an inherent trust of spirit which allows them to create art that unites, connects and celebrates humanity.

Mozart, Van Gogh, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Emily Dickinson, you and I are connected.  Let's all climb Century Mountain.

Century Mountain: 'Art Connecting Humanity' exhibition in Manhattan poster.


Huang Xiang and William Rock with their painting of Bodhidharma, Century Mountain exhibition, Manhattan, 2012.

"On behalf of the Dalai Lama, I am pleased to acknowledge the deep significance of the art created by Huang Xiang and William Rock. It shows an equal respect for all cultures and celebrates the oneness of humanity."
-Mr. Kunga Tashi, representative for the Dalai Lama



Mr. Kunga Tashi, representative for The Dalai Lama, attending Century Mountain exhibition in New York City, 2012.

Huang Xiang and William Rock featured article in The World Journal


Century Mountain - The Book - New Edition

Century Mountain Morph: Art Connecting Humanity
"This amazing Morph video perfectly captures the connective essence of the 
Century Mountain paintings. "

New York City

Leading Chinese artists and scholars with Huang Xiang and William Rock dialogue The Century Mountain Project and Contemporary Art, Manhattan, 2012.  photo below from The World Journal.


Peter Wilhelm Art Center - Israeli Ambassador Aliza Bin-Noun speaks at the exhibit in Budapest .  
The exhibit curated by holocaust scholar, Dr. Batya Brutin, includes Huang Xiang and William Rock's
painting of Anne Frank, October 2009.                  


In Recklinghausen, Century Mountain's Shakespeare painting is used to promote Kevin Spacey and Sam Mendes - The Bridge Project . A BAM New York /London's Old Vic Theatre
production of Shakespeare at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen;  
A World Stage

Huang Xiang and William Rock interview in German


The Century Mountain Exhibition
Antiga Audiencia   Tarragona , Spain    June 4 - July 15,  2010



Huang Xiang and William Rock before the opening

of the Century  Mountain exhibit  in Tarragona, Spain. 

The Spanish Arts program Auditori  features a segment and interview with Huang Xiang  and William Rock.


Spanish News Report: Cross Cultural Education with Century Mountain

Spanish Television News - the opening of Century Mountain exhibition 

Several hundred people attend opening night of the           Huang Xiang and Century Mountain exhibit banner
Century Mountain exhibit in Tarragona, Spain


Huang Xiang, William Rock, Ariadna Vicente of Espai Cromatic gallery and Minister of Culture Carme Crespo
address the Antiga Audiencia  auditorium crowd  at Century Mountain exhibit opening


Huang Xiang and William Rock and the Century Mountain paintings are featured
 in an
English interview in the cultural magazine of Bulgaria 
Public Republic



Century Mountain painting of Ada Lovelace used in conjunction with

International Ada Lovelace Day.


'Outside the Great Wall' film poster from Japan.  The film features the story of Huang Xiang.


The Literary Journal WEAVE features Century Mountain painting of Murasaki Shikibu
on the cover and an interview with Huang Xiang and William Rock




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