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Environmental reclamation artist, sculptor, painter and educator Angelo Ciotti casts light onto the importance of living a creative life in this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration. Angelo has undertaken massive environmental reclamation art projects worldwide. His creative work with abandoned coal mines and his efforts to heal the environment has garnered international acclaim. In this interview, Angelo discusses his early days in Rome, his art projects in China and Bolivia and his unflinching belief in accepting life as it presents itself.  

Maryum "May May" Ali spent many years as a successful performer and stand-up comedian. In this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration, May May talks about her lifelong passion for social activism. She also speaks of her father Muhammad Ali and the positive examples he set for her in terms of helping others. Maryum "May May" Ali is the co-founder of DMTL, Families Moving Forward, a non-profit organization that provides hope, education and gang prevention counseling to at risk youth.

This is a recording of a talk given by William Rock an artist and founder of Art and Inspiration International. The talk was recorded at The Olmo Ling Center for Meditation and Compassionate Outreach. In this talk, William Rock speaks of the artist as mystic and how making art and mystical insight inform each other.

The Nobel Prize nominated poet Huang Xiang is interviewed on Art and Inspiration with William Rock. Huang Xiang spent twelve years in Chinese prisons and was tortured for writing poetry and for his advocacy of freedom of expression and Democracy in communist China. In this interview, Huang Xiang explores the source of his creativity, his philosophy of life and the nature of self. He articulates how he has remained a vital creative force under the most adverse of conditions. This interview features a philosophical, spiritual voice of the great poet not before heard in English. The translator is Lisu.  

Thaddeus Mosley, at 86 years young, the great sculptor and artist speaks in depth about his art, life and technique to William Rock on Art and Inspiration. A rare opportunity to hear this master sculptor discuss the intricacies and rhythms of a life dedicated to the pursuit of the creative and making art.

Edwin Lee Gibson is an Obie award (off broadway's highest award) winning actor and a playwright. Edwin has never had a formal acting class and has appeared in 97 professional productions. In this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration, he speaks of the ongoing influence August Wilson has had on his own work. Edwin offers insight about creativity and the value of mentoring. He also shares anecdotes and stories about his career on stage, in film and television.  

David Bonnett
 is a Pink Dolphin of The Amazon researcher. David is an acoustical engineer, a nuclear physicist and a retired nuclear submarine commander. For twenty years during the Cold War he monitored and listened to the almost silent coming and goings of Soviet nuclear submarines. In this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration, David Bonnett speaks of his journey from being a submarine commander to becoming an advocate of The Pink Dolphin of The Amazon. David has spent years utilizing his sonar and acoustical engineering skills to record the sounds of The Pink Dolphin with the hopes of deciphering the communication patterns of this highly intelligent species. In this interview, David Bonnett also plays some of the rarely heard recordings of The Pink Dolphin.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama in dialogue in New York City on Oct. 19, 2012.  He covers a myriad of topics from Mao and the early days of China's Revolution to quantum physics and its connection to Tibetan Buddhism. He discusses the danger of 'attachment' and overly identifying with national boundaries and narrow systems. The Dalai Lama expresses hope that China's current artists and writers are calling for freedom of expression and political reform. He also states, any society that uses force and fear brings distrust. The Dalai Lama says he is committed to championing 'happy human values' for the rest of his life. This is part 2 of 2.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama in dialogue in New York City on Oct. 19, 2012. He speaks about how we all share this planet and essentially we are all one humanity. The Dalai Lama offers aspects about his middle-way approach as a solution to Tibetan and Chinese relations. He stresses that Tibetan Culture and Buddhist logic  has a lot to offer in its understandings of the subtle areas of mind and human emotions. He discusses the commonality of quantum physics and Buddhist thought and logic. The Dalai Lama recalls visiting many Buddhist Temples when he was in China. He encourages all to to see the other as a brother and sister and in this way you gain an inner confidence and then you can be truthful and create an inner trust and harmony.  Part 1 of 2.

Gail Langstroth is interviewed on Art and Inspiration with William Rock. Gail is a eurythmist, poet and artist and has performed all over the world. In this interview, Gail Langstroth articulates the art and healing capacities of eurythmy. She also tells of her teaching in a remote part of Uganda and recites a poem that powerfully invokes her experience.

Carolina Loyola Garcia is an educator, artist, Flamenco dancer and filmmaker. Her documentary film Sobre las Olas - A story of flamenco in the U.S. has received high praise from audiences and critics alike. In this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration, Carolina speaks extensively about the history of Flamenco and shares her insight regarding her passionate pursuit of Flamenco, making films and creating art. Music is by Alba Flamenca and Carolina Loyola Garcia.

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