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Huang Xiang is considered to be one of the greatest poets of 20th century China and a master calligrapher.  He is a multi-nominee for The Nobel Prize for Literature. Often referred to as "the Walt Whitman of China", Huang Xiang spent over twelve years in Chinese prisons and was tortured and put on death row twice for writing his lyrical, free-spirited poetry and for his advocacy of human rights in China.  His inspiring story has been the subject of an award winning PBS documentary and his heroic pursuit for freedom and democracy in China has been documented in the book, 'Coming Alive; China After Mao' . He has been described as a 'poet on fire' a human torch who burns as a lamp of freedom and enlightenment. 

"The poems Huang Xiang read to friends during this Cultural Revolution period show that he kept his spirit free while hundreds of millions of his compatriots had theirs enslaved. In one of the darkest nights of the twentieth century, he kept alive within himself his capacity to hope, ...and his belief that goodness can never be entirely erased from the heart of man. As his friends listened to his impassioned readings, they realized that this hope, this faith, and this belief were flames burning within him, flames that set him on fire, spiritually, making of him a human torch, which burned as a lamp of freedom and of enlightenment. " - Roger Garside, author of "Coming Alive ; China After Mao"

Huang Xiang's poetry and calligraphy is internationally recognized.  Huang Xiang says the art he creates with William Rock, "is highly creative and is something that has not been done before."  Twenty of his books have been published in several languages.  Huang Xiang's mission today is to use the Century Mountain Project, his art and performance  to build a bridge between East and West  and to promote a universal humanity. After completing a residency with the City of Asylum/Pittsburgh, Huang Xiang and his wife, the writer, Zhang Ling, live in New York City.  In 2008, for the first time in eleven years, Huang Xiang successfully returned to China and visited family and friends.

William Rock is both a citizen of Ireland and the U.S.  He studied drawing at
The California Art Institute and taught himself to paint and sculpt by travelling to museums
around the world.  He has been immersed in eastern thought and practice for over twenty years, studying and teaching with Tibetan and Chinese monks.  In 2006 his 'self-transcendent' paintings inspired a month long arts celebration held in the USA entitled 'Spirit Unfolding'.  He created a historic sculpture of the Tibetan Bon Buddhist deity Yeshe Walmo which has been acknowledged as authentic and it is the the first time a western artist has been enaged in this way in the history of sacred Tibetan Bon art.  William Rock's art has been exhibited internationally and in museums in California and Pennsylvania and he has taught and spoken extensively on the nature of creativity, mysticism and art.  He has been instrumental in producing several cultural events that promote and embrace art  as a connective dialogue for humanity.
William Rock is the founder of Art and Inspiration International a non-profit organization which promotes the arts and education. 


William Rock  and Huang Xiang interviewed by Spanish Television before the opening
of the Century Mountain exhibit Tarragona, Spain.  June 2010


                                       Roland Mattheissen, Huang Xiang, William Rock and Mimi Jong
                                       in front of Century Mountain exhibit banner   Tarragona, Spain.

Peter Wilhelm and Israeli holocaust scholar Dr. Batya Brutin with 
Huang Xiang/ William Rock painting of Anne Frank exhibited by
The Peter Wilhelm Art Center in Budapest, 2009.

Huang Xiang with Einstein painting on front page of the EC Journal

In Germany, Century Mountain's Shakespeare painting is used to promote
The Bridge Project . A BAM New York /London's Old Vic Theatre
production at Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen
A World Stage


Huang Xiang performs with Van Gogh painting at
Carnegie Mellon University's College of Fine Arts  2006




Huang Xiang and William Rock
speak at Point Park University 2007

Article about Huang Xiang and his role in Chinese history by author Roger Garside;

"China's movement for democracy has been carried forward in thousands of poems
and one poet has emerged supreme; Huang Xiang of the Enlightenment Socie

- Roger Garside, "Coming Alive; China after Mao"

Huang Xiang and William Rock with students
from Westminster University

Van Gogh painting on display at Carnegie Mellon University's
College of Fine Arts 2006

William Rock, Zhang Ling and Huang Xiang perform
at Mendelson Gallery opening 2006

" Huang Xiang and William Rock's work is essential to the understanding of art and its 
    connection to Human Consciousness."

- Jeanne Iris Lakatos , author of  " The Theory of Iconic Realism"



Huang Xiang and paintings on front page of Pittsburgh Tribune-R

"I see The Century Mountain Project as a fine reflection of the spirit of our age in which
the achievements of human spirit can be celebrated without national distinctions, and
human rights are increasingly recognized as a matter of global not national concern."

- Roger Garside, author of "Coming Alive; China after Mao"

Huang Xiang, William Rock and neighborhood children with painting
of Mother Teresa
(painting is draped with a Tibetan prayer scarf
which was a gift to Huang Xiang from the Tibetan poet Woeser)

Special section about The Century Mountain Project in Erie Chinese Journal

"These paintings are different. They are an East/West collaboration on a high level.
One day all the world will know The Century Mountain Project."
-Anne Y. Pu - editor and publisher The Erie Chinese Journal


Huang Xiang and William Rock interviewed on 860am radio 

William Rock and Huang Xiang speak at
Indiana University of Pa. 

Huang Xiang and Century Mountain Paintings with students in Cleveland


Huang Xiang performs with his image
at EuropART Gallery 2007 

Huang Xiang and William Rock
before speaking at Slippery Rock University 

William Rock uses images of paintings while teaching class
'Art and Spirituality' held at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Huang Xiang and William Rock discuss paintings with
Dr. Stanely Murashige of The Art Institute of Chicago

" Seeing the collaborative paintings of Huang Xiang and William Rock is like having a personal encounter with the subject depicted. They have life. This Western style image with calligraphy is not what one usually sees. William Rock is aware of the negative space and Huang Xiang is using calligraphy to create as an artist would. Formally, the artists are opening to accomodate each other. Both artists work together as one. Huang Xiang knows instinctively and intuitively how to place the calligraphy in relation to the image. The calligraphy of Huang Xiang is special, modern and personal. It is striking! An East/West collaboration, the work is like that of Xu Bing. The fact that Huang Xiang's calligraphy is making commentary about the image adds to the many layers of the work. The paintings have a lot of energy."

Dr. Stanely Murashige -
Specialist in Contemporary Chinese Art / Art Institute of Chicago

Huang Xiang / William Rock and Philip Pearlstein
works on display at Michael Berger Gallery

By Kurt Shaw
Thursday, August 2, 2007

....Six of Huang Xiang and William Rock's paintings take up an entire room in the back of the gallery,
offering a place of contemplation on the lives of the persons depicted: Martin Luther King,
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Mohandas Gandhi, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare and
Isadora Duncan. Each portrait was painted by Rock, but the calligraphic writing of Huang Xiang’s
poetry is by Huang Xiang, with translated excerpts from each hanging next to the canvases.

For example, next to Elizabeth Barrett Browning's it reads: "Sadness, sadness ... sadness;
Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth; your love story is like; of nightfall the memory of a spider
comes dripping ..." Take the time to visit this most interesting work.

Huang Xiang greets guests at EuropART opening April 2008

ECJ feature about EuropART opening April 2008

Huang Xiang performs the poem from the
Elizabeth Barrett Browning painting at Michael Berger Gallery opening

William Rock and Huang Xiang on stage with paintings at the Mellon Institute 2008

William Rock and internationally renowned phycisist Dr. Robert Resnick. Dr. Resnick is an authority
concerning the life and work of Albert Einstein. The painting was shown during
Dr. Resnick's lecture about Einstein at Carnegie Mellon University, October, 2008.

Huang Xiang, after eleven years, was able to return
to China in 2008.

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