Yeshe Walmo Bronze Sculpture created by William Rock 

                                                       (Yeshe Walmo, Bronze, 36 x 14 x 9 inches)

William Rock created this Bronze sculpture of Yeshe Walmo.  As far as is known, no other sculpture of Yeshe Walmo, the Tibetan Bon Buddhist goddess of healing and protection exists. This historic endeavor represents the first time ever a western sculptor has been engaged in this way by the Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition, and possibly in Tibetan Buddhism in general.  William Rock’s sculpture of Yeshe Walmo has been acknowledged as authentic and a "masterpiece" by His Holiness The 33rd Menri Trizin the worldwide spiritual leader of Tibetan Bon Buddhism.

The sculpture of Yeshe Walmo took William Rock over five years to create and the adherence to the strict governing of iconographic detail inherent in Tibetan Bon Buddhist sacred art was observed and yet it resonates with a western aesthetic.

(His Holiness The 33rd Menri Trizin and artist William Rock, with the Yeshe Walmo sculpture)

“ You are very important that you made this Yeshe Walmo sculpture.   It is very special.  It is made from the highest area of the mind. We visualize Yeshe Walmo our whole lives and could not make this but you have made it.  This is a masterpiece.”

– His Holiness The 33rd  Menri Trizin, worldwide spiritual leader of Tibetan Bon Buddhism, to William Rock on May 27, 2013  


                                       (back view of Yeshe Walmo sculpture)

For further information concerning exhibition or purchase of a bronze sculpture of Yeshe Walmo, please contact William Rock:



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